Horsetown, USA Norco is also knows as Horsetown, USA. Michelle and her mom, like many of the old-time residents, keep horses here. Norco has dirt sidewalks and bathtubs in the front yard for horse watering. Drivers used to be sensitive to the horses but since the new development, that is changing. The horses haven’t been out in a while and they are restless. Michelle and her mom take the horses to the corrall at the town park. Above the corrall, new homes are visible. Last year, that land was all horse trails. An ad for the new development reads: NORCO RIDGE ESTATES up to $1,250,000; up to 4334 sq. ft. For those who prefer an authentic country lifestyle and insist on the luxury of an excellent home, Norco Ridge Estates offers both in a collection of true equestrian estates. Here, you are welcomed by scenic ridgelines and generous lots. The new residents do not want horses ridden through their developments. They object to the appearance and smell of horse manure. They would prefer the horses to stay in the corralls. Michelles’ mom says, “Then what the hell did they move to Norco for?” Michelle says, “You can’t stop progress.” Up on the ridge, it's a quiet afternoon. Most people have to commute at least 2 hours a day to work. Michelle’s Mom is frustrated. Michelle doesn’t come home much anymore. She doesn’t feel like coming home… Too much has happened. Too much has changed. But she does miss the horses.